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Trainer Showcase

johnny riding a horse

Johnny Lukacs

Lukacs Performance Horses
East of Olds Alberta

Johnny has an excellent background in the western performance horse world. He has had the opportunity to work with some of the best trainers in the business, such as Al Dunning, Jade Keller and Cody Lamont in Scottsdale Arizona and Alberta’s talented Doug Reinhardt.

Johnny started his first colt at 10 years old and 12 years later he has built an excellent colt starting program. Putting a solid foundation on every young horse he works with enables it to succeed at any discipline. Many of his young horses go into reining, cutting, cow horse and the English world – they all start with a good foundation!

Quote: "I enjoy training horses, but more than anything I love starting colts. There is something truly remarkable about starting a colt. It is a blank canvas where the animal has no experience and could have all the ability in the world but it’s up to you to team up with him and develop those talents to show him what he can do."

From cutters to cow horses, barrel horses to penners and everything in between. Johnny has the ability to get you started and down the road!

Trainer’s Showcase with Johnny Lukacs

Date:  Friday, September 16th, 2022

Registrations must be received by Tuesday, 13th at 9:00 pm to secure your spot – please contact the club secretary at:

Candice Lee

Cow/Flag work per/horse -- $150(can be paid by e-transfer, check or cash)

Camping and horse stalls available – please contact Johnny Lukacs @ 403-559-7773

CACHC will continue with the exciting opportunity to host Trainer Showcases this season!!

Part of the CACHC mission statement is to foster and develop the art of cutting. With that in mind, we will be offering members the opportunity to participate in a ‘Trainer Showcase’. On the day preceding a show date – Fridays – your CACHC Directors will enlist the expertise of various trainers. Trainers will work with you to provide tips and advice on your cutting skills to help guide you on your personal cutting journey.

Contact the Show Director to secure your time slot – cost is $150 for flag/cow work.

“I am so glad that the Trainer Showcase is back again this year! These clinics gave me the chance to ride with a number of highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers - an opportunity that I may not have had otherwise. As someone new to the sport I couldn’t have asked for a greater opportunity. My riding, my ability to show my horse and my understanding of the sport all improved. Overall it was a great experience, lots of fun and lots learned!” - Jenna Porisky

”It was with great pleasure when I saw CACHC decided to invite various trainers for a one day Trainer Showcase. As a relatively new rider to the cutting world, I found the trainers to not only be professional, but eager to point out things that I could work on to be a better rider. I’m really looking forward to the 2020 “Trainer Showcase” to get more tools for my toolbox.” - Doug Grant

“The Trainer Showcase allowed me to practice cutting fresh cattle out of a herd with the guidance and knowledge from some of Canada’s greatest trainers. An experience that was absolutely gratifying.“ - Gord Schmidt