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Cutters Gallery

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Exciting News!

The Central Alberta Cutting Horse Club has been given approval by AHS to hold cutting shows, providing we adhere to the restrictions set out by AHS. We are happy that AHS has given us an exemption to the COVID restrictions and allowed us to put on the show. The expectation is that all participants follow the restrictions set out by AHS.

Restrictions include absolutely no spectators at this event, this includes spouses, children, and friends.

Physical distancing of 6-feet must be maintained and sanitization standards must be followed, hand sanitizer will be available at the show.

A COVID-19 wellness form will need to be completed by everyone when they arrive. The form is available through the link below, please complete in advance (to speed up the registration process) and bring with you to the show. The completed form is used for contact tracing should AHS request a list of people who attended the show.

Also, it would be very helpful to expedite the registration process if you could please have your membership form completed in advance of approaching the Show Secretary to pay your entry fees (link to membership form below).

All participants / individuals on-site must wear a mask when inside the arena and washrooms, unless on a horse. Competitors do not require a mask while competing.

Only the herd being shown, and competitors in the next herd are allowed in the loping pen, please be prepared to warm your horse up during your scheduled time only. All other riding / preparation must be done outside the arena. Once a competitor is finished showing, the competitor must exit the arena area and not re-enter the facility.

Please enter the show if you are prepared to abide by the restrictions set out by AHS, these restrictions are mandatory and anyone not following the regulations will be asked to leave the facility. It is not fair to the CACHC members or the CACHC board to defy the restrictions and risk someone becoming ill or we lose the ability to hold a show. The CACHC board thanks you in advance for your compliance to the regulations and looks forward to having a safe and enjoyable show.

CACHC Board of Directors

2021 Membership Form
COVID Questionnaire

Mission Statement

We will provide a friendly, enjoyable, and comfortably competitive environment where support and encouragement for fellow competitors and respect for all is the standard. The good of the club and all involved is expected above all other considerations.


The Central Alberta Cutting Horse Club (CACHC) was formed to provide cutting competition that offers a comfortable yet competitive environment where beginner, novice, and advanced contestants are encouraged to participate to:

  • Improve ability to show a cutting horse,
  • Improve ability to ride a helping horse,
  • Develop show management skills,
  • Provide opportunity for new, approved judges to judge shows to gain experience.



June 19th CACHC Show

We are pleased to confirm that the June 19th show will be happening!!  That being said, there will be strict guidelines that we must adhere to and NO spectators will be permitted. 

Please review Directors Covid-19 Plan details under 'Exciting News' on home page.  Covid-19 Questionnaires must be completed by every person on the premises for show day.


Brady Jensen will be our trainer for the June 18, 2021, event.  Please call Bob Lee at 403.200.3773 by 9 pm on Tuesday June 15th to secure your spot.   

Find the CACHC 2021 Show Schedule under 'Clinics & Schedule of Events'

Please press F5 to use updated entry form!! 


Entries can be made online using the ONLINE ENTRY button on Home page.  You can also email your entry at 

REMEMBER-- You must show in 50% of the year's shows in order to qualify for Year End Awards!

If you look under News & Results, you'll see the Championship Poster & the 2020 Final Standings. Congratulations to everyone!  
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  • ACHA - Alberta Cutting Horse Association
  • CCHA - Canadian Cutting Horse Association
  • NCHA Earnings - National Cutting Horse Association

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